Tea – who doesn’t like a good cuppa?

The BBC has a fun article today – eight things you didn’t know about tea.

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A Bottle of Nibs


Thanks to Pendemonium I have the pleasant task of trying out a random selection of dip nibs. $20 for 30 nibs. And a nice old ink bottle too. I don’t know much about these nibs but the X-21 was moderately flexy and the Hunt Speedball would drain an ink bottle dry in a few pages – massive, wet lines!

LA Pen Show



Saturday 13th. Manhattan Beach. 7.50am. Primed and ready to go. My first LA International Pen Show.

8:00am Registration opens. Picked up my pass and headed in. Two quick trips round all the tables. Clear that not everyone is set up yet. Anderson Pens are not ready. But Vanness are, and I had a good chat with Lisa and chose some Akkerman ink (Shocking Blue). Stopped by Mike Masuyama‘s table to get my name on the list for some grinds. From experience in SF last August you have to be early to get it done at the show.

Morning spent doing the rounds and holding the powder dry. Nothing jumped out at me just yet. Not too busy – this is the right number of people to enjoy a show. You can get to talk and browse without interruption.

Good chat with Brian Gray at Edison Pens. Eyeing up the orange swirl or blue/purple swirl Morgans. Very nice.

Noon. Grabbed a bite to eat at Bristol Farms next door and picked up V-day cards – very important! Headed back in and soon it was time for some nib grinding at Mike’s table. Got three CI grinds applied to fine and medium M215 nibs and also to a medium TWSBI Vac 700.

A quick visit to Pendemonium to pick up some dip nibs – too many to list here, including a $20 antique ink bottle with 30 assorted nibs in it – fun to come.

1pm. Time to settle on the ink. After much perusing and swatch comparisons settled on the blues I wanted to match a cobalt blue ink I have. Got the Akkerman #5 Shocking Blue, the Callifolio Bleu Azur, Sailor Blue, and Montblanc Permanent Blue – which I must say is truly permanent (well at least to water).

1:30pm. Eventually stumbled across pens I decided to get – two M200 series Pelikans. First a rare M215 rings and a no longer available M205 Duo Highlighter pen in yellow with a BB nib. Didn’t pick up the highlighter ink (and should have done), but there are plenty of yellows I can use instead.

2pm – 4pm – Seminar time – nibs (John Mottishaw) and inks (Sam Fiorella). Sam had a raffle for 7 bottles of ink and given that there were about 30 people there that was good odds. However I wasn’t lucky today.

4pm. That was me done – wallet empty and time to rejoin the family for some relaxation and food in Manhattan Beach.



Finding a “missing-pen”

Noodler’s Neponset – First Impressions

Noodler’s Neponset flies off the shelves

At last the time has come. The Neponset is here. Or was here.

You’ll be lucky to find one now. At least until the next batch is released.

Noodler's Jade Neponset
Noodler’s Jade Neponset

After what seems like an eternity (four years according to Brian Goulet) the Noodler’s Neponset release was announced just before Halloween, by Luxury Brands, the distributor. Was the 10/31 shipping date just to scare up some more interest? Whatever it was it worked.

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Fountain Pen Day

Well well well.

Apparently it’s Fountain Pen Day. Good thing as I have a new one arriving today – the much heralded, much talked about, over-blogged Noodler’s Neponset. More on that in the next post.

Lots of Fountain Pen fans are having giveaways today. Here’s a good one run by SBRE Brown, and Gourmet Pens.

Stormy Grey