Spicy Joke



I honestly made this up myself. I know how hard it will be for you to believe this.

Plain DAFT?

D.A.F.T. – Digital Archive Family Tree? Maybe not the best name 🙂

Now that I have your attention – whatever the overall project is finally called, today sees another piece of the jigsaw ready.

All the key pieces are now in place :

This is where I need you, the rest of the family, wherever you are, to contribute.

Drop me a line by email, or leave a comment here, if you’d like to help. Have a look at what’s already there.

Oh if you are wondering what it is, it’s a wiki.



A relaxing thanksgiving was spent in southern California. Many thanks to Andrea and Peter for hosting us all on Thursday, to Rachel for the brunch, and Jo and Leon for our stay.

These pictures are just a few of those we took. They give a flavour of the weekend.

Wedding Part 3

We did it! And in the grand scheme of things it was a pretty big whoop.

Actually by now we have done it three times – got married, got married again (in England), then had our reception yesterday. Three parties in four months – lots of organising and lots of fun!

The reception was held in The Green Room in San Francisco. It’s a fabulous room in the Veterans War Memorial Building opposite City Hall and next to the Opera House.

Three months

Michael (b-i-l) just sent us some pictures from three different months of the year – our trip to Sequoia National Park in July 2005, his photos of their trip up to and at our wedding in August and a great slideshow of his and Rachel’s holiday in Ireland and England in October.

And yes currently all the photos are published. 🙂 We will work to edit the show down to a representative selection of the best.

Update: I have edited the shows. Try them now. Thu Nov 17th.

WEB: William Ewart Bowden

WEB? The Web? No, William Ewart Bowden, my grandfather, my mother’s father. Here’s a picture of my mother’s parents.

Nana and Gramps
Found some more old slides, taken by him. Some have come out quite well – you can view them for the moment here. They are mostly from the early sixties but there are a few from about 1973 also. It’s great having those memories of my grand parents jogged by these photos.

Huge thanks to Digital Pickle, a local digital image lab in San Francisco, for making such a good job of these slides, and the first set too. They’ll be getting some more of slides pretty soon – watch out for them here.

The 70s

Remember then? Well I do… sort of! Growing up in England, just getting interested in photography. Here are a few pictures taken mostly by me, or at least with my camera. There are also a few pictures of me for the archive.

Also see Katie’s annual holiday card photos.

Update: There’s more than just the 70s and 80s now – have added old family album photos and others from other decades.

Food of the Gods!

Chip Butty

Our trip in April to Bath included finding this rather excellent cafe in the market that served chips with everything. What more perfect snack than a chip butty?


Here’s a picture of me and my grandmother taken quite a while ago! Just an example of what you can do with this weblog. Give it a whirl – write a comment! (Note – comments now turned off on this post to avoid spam.)

Me and my grandmother