The Delores phenomenon

Updated: June 2006. The piglets are weaned and some have been sold. A few are being kept at the school. Delores is expected to farrow with her second litter late this year so check out their website later this year for more piglet action!

See the piglets! Marvel at their propensity to feed and their mother’s patience.

My nephew’s and niece’s school in Cornwall has a school farm to help educate the children. Their sow Delores has just had her first litter. The 12 piglets are doing well and you can see their progress on the Saltash.Net School pigcam. Enjoy!

Piglets under heatlampNiece Rosie and a pigletView from the pigcam (dark - at night)

Catching up

My goodness – time flies.

San Francisco Panorama

What’s the latest? A little on the family history, and some new photos from various events.

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