Catching up

My goodness – time flies.

San Francisco Panorama

What’s the latest? A little on the family history, and some new photos from various events.

A new contact with a 2nd cousin in California, who has done much research on the Pratt family is very promising. K’s family tree continues to grow in size and depth with more detailed information and members of the family confirmed. A visit by K’s 3rd cousin Steven was interesting – he brought many new photos.

Our favourite local museum, the de Young, in Golden Gate Park, is only about a mile away. We recently went there to see the annual Bouquets to Art exhibit (slideshow in need of editing, but you’ll get the idea).

Winter persists but during a couple of breaks in the weather I’ve put together a few interesting panoramic pictures from our house.

On the techie side not much to report on the website, but some new and improved radio bit’n’pieces are coming together, including some new beams to try side band DX on 2m and 70cm. The volunteer season looks like it will start off well with two fun events, the MS Society’s Top Hat Classic ride in April and the ALA’s Two Rock Breathe Easy Ride in May. The ADA’s Tour de Cure maybe another coming up soon. If you think any of these charities do good work please do consider supporting them, they need it!

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  1. Great pictures of Katie’s family. Of course, without a playbook I have no idea of how they all connect to Katie.

    As for the Bouquets to Art, you need an editor. Technically your photographs are superb. I wish I were holding my camera that steady. You just have more detail shots than you need for the story. What story, you say? Maybe that’s it. You need to add narration.

    I don’t know how to do a slide show on my blog, but I have a great host for my pictures — Smugmug, so I do the show there and then provide a link. One of these days you’ll show me how to do it on my blog, huh?

    Sorry to have run out on you guys Friday night, but I did not want to be on the last train out of San Francisco. That may be the title of my autobiography, but I didn’t want it the title of Friday night’s chapter. As it was, I ran out into a wall of rain. Were it not for a good hat and raincoat, I’d have been soaked to the bone.


  2. The panorama pictures show San Francisco in March 2006 on a fairly good day. We’ve had our wettest month on record – it has rained on 25 out of the 31 days of the month, including today. That beats the 1904 record of 23 days. At least we’ve actually had some real weather – one thing I miss in California!

  3. I was wondering the time frame of Antoinette Freund on your Family Tree. My great grandmother was Antoinette Freund. I know very little about her as she died when my grandmother was just 3 or 4 – which would have been around 1906. Any chance this is the same time frame?

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