Delores – another perfect dozen?

Delores is about to farrow again – have more piglets. Will she have another perfect dozen and keep her 100% record? Find out here on the pigcam – – live – this weekend!

UPDATE (Wed Oct 11th): Yes, she farrowed on Sunday (Oct 8th). She had 14 piglets plus one stillborn. Of the 14 alive one died overnight. This is not unusual with a litter of this size. She raised all 12 last time. She has a good chance of raising 13 this time. Good luck Delores! Oh, and if you want to look for yourselves – good luck to you too! The pigcam is generally overwhelmed and I haven’t been able to check for more than a day. There was BBC breakfast show coverage on Tuesday and there’s a direct feature on BBC Cornwall which will cause a lot of traffic. If it’s busy check back in a few days, or at night, UK time.
Delores says hi