Welcome. Part 2.

This is the new location of wadley.us. The move is three month affair planned for April through June 2008. By the end of June everything will be over here and wadley.us will point here too. For those that are interested in a little detail of why this was necessary, read on. The move was forced by the inability of my previous host (Ipower) to transition from their old platform (vdeck 1.0) to their new platform (vdeck 3.0). They’d managed to move one of my other sites (queally.net) without too much trouble, but I didn’t bother to even try to get everything working (such as the gallery 2 installation or the wordpress, though that would probably have been possible). I just moved it all over to hostgator and it worked well, set up the new emails etc. I knew the bigger problem would be when they upgraded my main site – wadley.us. And to give them credit they did try, finding the site did not pass QC for an automatic transfer and they managed to get half the site moved, and working OK (the WordPress installation). But they completely failed to notice the MediaWiki installation and lost the entire family history system. Luckily the database was still there and I hurriedly backed it up. After some delayed email responses from their support group (who seem to think 24-36 hrs is an acceptable response time) I got fed up entirely with their inability to read and understand a simple statement, and their inability to accept that their transfer broke my site. In the end it came down to them saying “it’s not installed properly”. Well d’uh!. Of course not! They broke the installation during the move by failing to test it and failing to correctly set the base parameters for the new system. It can’t be the first MediaWiki installation they’ve transitioned so I’m surprised they screwed it up so badly. Oh well. Time to dump them, they’ve been getting slower in response and the content of the responses has been getting dumber too. The site (at Ipower) is often slow to load and their throttling back of FTP upload speeds makes it a challenge to even upload the most basic of updates. Let alone try and use their touted “600GB” of space. It would take over 6 months of solid uploading at their best speeds to get a site fully loaded. As I said time to move on.

Anyway over here on hostgator we have very good updates to WordPress. MediaWiki worked first time I installed it (I’ve tried 1.11 in test mode and re-installed the family history site using 1.7.1 just fine). I’ve got six current and active WordPress installations (two of my sites and four for other groups that I manage). There’s lots of space (everyone gives that these days) and the support response is fast and generally quite intelligent.

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  1. OK. So this isn’t really a comment on my own post as much as proving that there WAS a problem with the visibility of the recaptcha box below here and that the install of a div around it with class=formright tidies it up nicely. Good oh.

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