Selected 2011

Selected B&W images for 2011


Continue reading after the break for a small selection of my favourites. Most are from 2011. There are a few from earlier years that may not have been brought out for display yet.

Spring Fiddle

Apart from family photos, a few of which we have shared with relatives and friends elsewhere, most of my B&W photography tries to examine texture and tone.  It’s definitely not “abstract” – you can understand the subject, it is perhaps reductionist – my aim is to better help the viewer see what I wanted them to see, through the partial abstraction of a monochrome image.

For those of you still interested in film photography a little of the technical details: all the photographs are taken on Ilford film (Pan F, FP4, HP5, and Delta Pro 100 and 400). The Delta Pro series of films are my new favourites.  I’ve found the older emulsions seem to give too much contrast, at least in the development system that’s been used. They were developed and scanned by a great little firm down near San Diego called North Coast Photographic recommended by Ken Rockwell.

Equipment consists of all second-hand camera bodies (Contax 645 120 medium format, and some Nikon 35mm SLRs – F4, F5) and a mixture of old and new glass, nearly all from Adorama.

More of my photographs can be found at – though I can promise you won’t find one new image a day! There’s also a selection at Flickr.


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