Someone’s learning quickly

Done by our son, who is 3 yr 10 mo - not bad!
Done by our son, who is 3 yr 10 mo – not bad!

Well I’m having fun with the soprano I introduced in the post below. It’s proving to be a fine uke and I’m learning a lot while playing it.

Tonight what amazed me most is that our son, age 3yr 10mo is also picking this up well. Tonight, after he practiced with me (well he chose the chords and I had to follow along) I realized he really did know several chords, and could play them well. And not just single finger chords. I printed out a blank chord sheet and I was going to write in all the chords he knew – so we could keep a chart in the kitchen and add to it as he goes along. But before I knew it he’d picked up a pen and had started writing them out himself, and they’re all perfectly correct!

For those of you that know how he plays you’ll be familiar with his favorite chord, which he calls P-minor 7, illustrated on the right. It involves the flat of the palm on the strings so as to generate a chucking action when strumming 🙂

Looks like we have a budding tiny uker on our hands. What fun!