Another New Uke Day!

Islander Spruce/Rosewood Tenor

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Half-price nicely setup slight blem from Hawaii Music Supply.

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I know it’s only a week after my first NUD post about my Kanile’a K-1 tenor, but now it has a brother! Something I won’t worry about taking around with me, and might spend some time at the office for a few spare minutes strumming (what spare minutes?).

It’s a Islander Spruce/Rosewood laminate tenor (RWSTP) from HMS. It was being sold as a slight blem, at half-price. Couldn’t resist. I’ve taken some macro close-up shots to show the blems, but honestly in real light, and looking at it normally it looks great, you wouldn’t really notice. And now I don’t have to worry about putting that first ding on it!

And the HMS setup is fantastic. Plays beautifully, really great job preparing the uke – thanks guys!

New Uke Day

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Well it’s been a long wait but eventually I made the call and chose this Kanile’a tenor that I’d first tried out before NAMM in January. Thank you to Edgar (at Aloha Warehouse in San Franciso) for all the time he let me spend trying out different ukes. It was the only Kanile’a tenor in stock at the time I played it, but more were promised “soon” and they would be gloss finish. And I was persuaded that the gloss finish was stunning and worth checking out. So I waited. Well “soon” turned into a couple of months as Kanile’a were very busy with NAMM, another festival, and getting many orders out.

Well this was the week that the gloss K-1T Deluxe arrived. It was as lovely as promised. I road-tested both side by side and still very clearly preferred the satin. I admit that was much to my surprise. I didn’t think the gloss finish, being so thin, would make that much difference to the sound (and maybe it didn’t, it could just be instrument to instrument variation). The K-1T deluxe certainly looked great, but it’s really about the sound and this one had the edge. Also our friend Mark was in the store to see what I bought! To help me decide he did a blind playing session of both. I couldn’t see which one he’d picked up. It was very clear which of the two I liked by the sound alone, and it was the satin one I fell in love with in January. So glad it hadn’t sold! (I might be in trouble next week if I go back in and the other gloss tenors shipping soon sound nicer – two regular K-1 and one ‘premium’ wood!)

UPDATE: 27-MAR-2013 – it’s playing well, but I certainly need the action lowered a bit. It’s currently at 4mm, and should be under 3mm, at the 12th fret.