wadley.us is Adrian Wadley’s hub for non-work related online musings and information.

I’m not a big fan of facebook and don’t post a lot there, keeping a low-profile and dipping in from time-to-time. Wadley.US and its associated sites (wadleynet, oneaday, croquetonfilm) catalog my interests and my various ways of getting the information out.

The entire project started last century when I moved to the USA with work and settled in the San Francisco Bay Area. All my family and most of my friends were still back in the home country (UK) or travelling around the world, and maintaining an online presence seemed like a good idea. It was easy to share photos and events, and allowed me to dabble in website creation. These were the days before Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I moved from film to digital photography and the website (originally with Compuserve and various of that ilk) grew and eventually I WadleyNet.com was born. Unfortunately wadley.net had gone, though I see it is still little used. When the TLD dot US came up I registered wadley.us during the sunrise period and now run both sites. Each has a different emphasis.

My interests (at least those that make it online…) are

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