Tea – who doesn’t like a good cuppa?

The BBC has a fun article today – eight things you didn’t know about tea.

Here’s the link 


Finding a “missing-pen”

Fountain Pen Day

Well well well.

Apparently it’s Fountain Pen Day. Good thing as I have a new one arriving today – the much heralded, much talked about, over-blogged Noodler’s Neponset. More on that in the next post.

Lots of Fountain Pen fans are having giveaways today. Here’s a good one run by SBRE Brown, and Gourmet Pens.

One day…

One day I’m sure Charlie will like this clever YouTube video entitled “A Wolf Loves Pork”. In the meantime I enjoyed it. You may too:


Why don’t we get specials like this over here? For those train-spotters out there here is 30 seconds of ‘Bittern’ BR 60019, an A4 Gresley, arriving at Shalford to take on water last week.


The annual Bouquets to Art event was this week. So many flowers. So little time. So we went twice. Here is a selection. See our Picasa pages for more.


We seem to be lucky enough to have many families of salamanders in our garden. Whenever we move something we seem to find them underneath. We have set up a rock in an area that shouldn’t get disturbed during the garden renovations and we hoped they would find a home there. But this week some seem to have decamped to underneath our green-waste (compost) bin that had only been in place a couple of days. Managed to grab a quick picture. Here’s the mostly brown one. The other two were all black. If anyone knows which exact type of salamander these are please let us know. There are many types native to California.