What is it?

  • It’s an ongoing project.
  • It exists in two places.
  • Really? What are they?
  • One is here, the same place as the blog – wadley.us
  • The other is the original site – wadleynet.com
  • So what’s the difference?
  • Well wadley.us contains this blog (Grand Scheme, as in ‘It’s no big whoop in the…’), the Family History Archive (a wiki), my photoblog (OneADay, which seems to be never quite actually be one photo a day!), and backups of many of the picture and slides sets on WadleyNet.com
  • wadleynet.com, the original. This is where you will find my official family photo archives and the family tree – some is also replicated on wadley.us. When I upload family archive pictures, or you want to search the database, this is the place to be. This site is entirely my own creation – all the code driving it, and the database behind it is mine. All my original work is here too – the FrontPage files (yuk), the early static pages and photo essays.

One Reply to “FAQ”

  1. I have found a lovely image of an Oast house in a wheatfield in Kent and wish to use for a project leaflet I am working on. Could you let me know if I can use it and how much it will cost? We usually buy our images from iStock but this is much nicer
    Hope you can help, Thanks, K

    [NOTE: The image was used and will be published soon]

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