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George Pratt
Edith Fairlie

This part of WadleyNet is a repository for the family history, recollections, and reminiscences. We already have a digital photo archive for images from the family albums. This site is the written part of the family histories to accompany the photo archive.

Which families are part of WadleyNet?

Any that have a direct relationship into the family tree of the author of this site Adrian Wadley. The names of all the known linked families are available.

Can I join?

Of course! You are most welcome to become a contributor. Just ask me. The site is a wiki, so some familiarity with wiki markup is desirable, but it's pretty simple. In fact this wiki uses the same software as Wikipedia. So if you have ever edited a Wikipedia page you'll be at home contributing here.

I'm only allowing family members to be contributors, to avoid spam etc. Here is the list of all the family names I know about. Please contact me via email if you are interested in this project.

James and Edith
William Fairlie