curly willow again

curly willow tree at stow lake
curly willow tree at stow lake
Curly Willow Again

This old curly willow tree first caught my eye in the winter. It has so much going for it – beautiful in winter or summer, interesting shapes and textures at all scales, and in all weathers. This tree will recur many times here.


at stow lake, grove of trees, view of trunks

this doesn’t immediately remind me of Stow Lake, but I liked finding this unfamiliar angle in an area otherwise so familiar to me
at stow lake, grove of trees, view of trunks


“Do I need a license for this thing?”
“I think you do…”

Driving one of these things can be tricky, as this couple found out as they headed for, and for a time became stuck in, the trees.

two trees

Two Trees on Washington St, San Francisco, February 2010

72 Broadway St, San Francisco. In the first block from the Embarcadero. Walking in light rain with my son in his stroller these trees, the building’s windows and a passer-by stood out. The trees deserve another visit in better light and with leaves, with falling leaves, and again in the winter. Tech details below for those interested – a nice feature of the 645 that this is printed on the film edge.

Contax 645 w/80mm f/2. Expsoure 1/350s f4.5
Ilford HP5 Plus ISO400. Developed and scanned by NCPS Carlsbad, CA (59620004)