Noodler’s Neponset – First Impressions

Stormy Grey

Tipping point?

ref: AMW_2476

We went to watch Race 8 of the America’s Cup final last Saturday and were lucky enough to see one of the most dramatic moments of the final so far – one which turned the race from something very close to a runaway for Oracle Team USA – and nearly ended in disaster for Emirates Team New Zealand.

Here’s my picture of the moment disaster nearly struck

ref: AMW_2476
Emirates Team New Zealand nearly capsized while trying to execute a lee-bow tack in front of Oracle Team USA. They took a penalty but it didn’t matter as Oracle sailed right by them and won the race.

And here’s the moment from the America’s Cup YouTube channel : at 1:00 in the clip or watch the segment in full –

New 8-string uke day

Back in the spring of 2013 I started talking to Rob Collins, a luthier in Hebden Bridge in the UK, about a commission for an eight string tenor ukulele to be built entirely out British woods. Last week I received this beautiful instrument from him. I’m very pleased with it and am just getting to grips with the extra precision to play an 8 string cleanly. But even though I’m still learning it’s immense fun, and a beauty to look at, and play.

For the enthusiasts here are are the specifications
Soundboard and sides – cherry (Prunus avium)
Back – cherry again but a piece of timber from the graft where the favoured variety meets the rootstock. Inspired by seeing Ben’s baritone on Rob’s site.
Rosette РLondon plane (Platanus x acerifolia typically a hybrid of P. occidentalis and P. orientalis)
Fretboard and bridge – laburnum (Laburnum anagyroides)
Headstock faceplate – yew (Taxus baccata)
Neck – yellow poplar or tulip-tree (Liriodendron tulipifera)
Hampshire Wood Supplies has the full story about sourcing the wood for the neck.

Spring at Filoli

Black and White photograph of blossoms on fruit trees at Filoli

Filoli House
Another roll back from NCPS. Still very happy with this Ilford film – Delta Pro. This is 100, my favourite so far. The “white” tulips were actually red, taken with a red filter. The trees were just coming in to leaf, they have that look about them – just coming back to life again. [flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157633148023992″]

Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park

Black and White Photograph of people on a bench in Golden Gate Park

I have been trying out Ilford Delta Pro 100 as a candidate for my default everyday B&W film. I already like Ilford Delta Pro 400 for something slightly faster.

And so far I’m liking it. The contrast seems just about right on well exposed negatives and the mid-tones seem to carry a lot of detail.

So I will probably use this from now one and retire my use of the old standards FP4 Plus and perhaps also Pan F.

Via Flickr:
(Ilford Delta Pro 100, 1/30s f/5.6 Contax 645 with 80mm f/2.0