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WadleyNet is a loose collection of three websites created by Adrian Wadley. Apart from some very minor commentary and news (Grand Scheme) the primary goal of these sites is for my family history.

There are two main sites

  • a digital archive of family photographs
    • this has the objective of collecting digital copies of all the old (pre-digital age) photos in the family albums
    • and links together the family tree with the photographs.
  • an archive of family stories, history and reminiscences (this site)

All these sites can be found through the related sites links to the left.

If you are a member of the family I would be very interested in hearing your stories. You can contribute in many ways. You can talk to me and I can record your contribution, you can write to me, or if you are comfortable doing this you can contribute them directly to this archive online. My rule of thumb is that recollections and stories about members of the family that have passed away are generally acceptable for publication here, online - provided that either it is their living descendants contributing those stories or their surviving relatives are happy for that to occur. However I am collecting stories about anyone in the family and will carefully respect your wishes if would like to share some memories with me that are not for further dissemination. I am happy to store that information privately and only share it as you wish or not at all if you just wish to have it recorded.

If you have old photographs, especially pre-1960 then I would be delighted to have copies for the archive. As with your memories and stories these can be made available publicly, or privately (password protected for family only), or under any other suitable arrangement you are comfortable with. Please contact me via email using this link, or telephone me if you have the number.

Adrian Wadley Nov 2007