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24 February 2017

Added security via SSL encryption of relevant pages. Look for the "secure" symbol and the https links. Please report any pages not working properly.

23 February 2017

Family Tree viewing is the main feature that is now working. Please continue to report issues if you encounter them. All users must re-enable their account. Please see details in the email you received (registered users only).

The following parts are now working:

The following pages are not yet working:

  • Search
  • Display of some images with certain annotations
  • Picture upload
  • Picture annotation editing
  • Adding new people to the family tree
  • Editing information on people in the family tree
  • Adding or Editing marriage information

20 February 2017

WADLEYNET.COM UPDATE 1. Family Tree viewing is re-enabled. Please let me know if there are any problems you encounter.

18 February 2017

WADLEYNET.COM- the family tree and picture archive site - is undergoing an extensive rewrite - no current estimated completion date. Please check back here for updates

July 2015

Updated information on Stebbens branch from Audrey and Alan Stebbens. Contact with Simon Garfield who is writing a book about my grandmother's first cousin, Jean Lucey Pratt, entitled "A Notable Woman" based on her own personal diaries. The book is due out in November.

May 2012

Trying to identify the location of a family picture taken in 1961 which was originally believed to be at 17 Mayfield Road (see Fairlie Residences in Acton). There is now some question about that. See the talk page of Fairlie Residences in Acton for the latest, and contribute to the discussion.

March 2011

Contact with Ann Turner, connected with the Bowden family from Kewstoke, Somerset in the late 1800s, early 1900s. Ann is descended from a family that also lived in Kewstoke. Her great aunt married Clifford Ashbel "Jim" Bowden in 1919.

November 2009

The contacts initially made with the American Wadley descendants in May 2008 eventually led to Phil Mackie, a Wadley descendant and family history researcher in England. His branch is descended from Boaz Wadley, mine from John Wadley. We could not establish whether these two were related. It now seems very likely that they were. Jacqui Green and Phil Mackie have confirmed from records they have viewed that John and Boaz were sons of William Wadley (1750) and Elizabeth (Betty) Baldwin.

March 2009

An additional Wadley - Charles is added to the family, son of Katie and Adrian Wadley

May 2008

Contact with several American Wadley descendants - trying to establish relationships and in some cases have succeeded in tracing descendants of siblings of Olliff Wadley (1837) - Caroline Wadley (1826) and Enoch Wadley (1834).

Joined the UK genealogy site (pay for service) Genes Reunited - and that is proving very useful. A lot of work is required, but I have made some good solid contacts and corrected some information in my tree.

Early 2008

Transcribing of the journals of George Pratt is underway. This was started in Summer 2006 and continues into 2008 and beyond. All pages have been copied by high quality digital photograph and are available online securely - please ask me.

Before 2008

Made contact with Jeff Pratt - a descendant of Gerald Martin Pratt who came to the USA around 1910 with his wife Katherine Tasker.